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101 Reykjavik

Nasza cena:
82,25 zł (zawiera rabat 15 %)
Cena rynkowa: 96,76 zł (oszczędzasz 14,51 zł)
Autor: Hallgrimur Helgason
Rok wydania:2007
Liczba stron:352
Numer ISBN:1416575073
Kod paskowy (EAN):9781416575078
Waga:486 g
Dostępność: nie

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101 Reykjavik – opis wydawcy

Hlynur Bjorn sleeps in. He surfs the Web. He tests the efficacy of various pornography. And at night, he hits the K-bar for a few drinks, maybe a tab of E, and perhaps a bit of sex before another crash. He`d blithely remain in this cycle forever, but when his part-time girlfriend reveals she`s pregnant, his way of life is threatened. Hlynur withdraws and becomes obsessed with his mother`s best friend, only to discover, after he`s shagged her, that she`s his mother`s lesbian lover. And just when you believe he couldn`t twist up his life any further, Hlynur finds a way.
Icelandic novelist HallgrÍmur Helgason inhabits his antihero`s mind with marvelous acuity, subversive wit, and devilish charm. Hlynur is a true product of our postmodern global culture. Well beyond slackerdom, he lives at home with his mother and depends on social welfare. He`s a quick-witted and articulate young man, and there`s nothing wrong with him -- other than a total lack of ambition, an off-kilter sense of morality, and a nagging set of existential woes. Against the backdrop of ReykjavÍk`s storied nightlife and amid the swelling global presence of Icelandic culture, Helgason portrays with brutal honesty and humor a young man who takes uselessness to new extremes, and for whom redemption may not be an option. 101 ReykjavÍk is a spectacularly inventive, darkly comic tale of depraved and inspired humanity.

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