Bonito - Bo liczą się dobre chwile
Bonito - Bo liczą się dobre chwile
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„saul bellow”

wydawnictwo: Penguin Books, rok wydania: 2019, oprawa: miękka
Herzog is alone, now that his wife Madeleine has left him for his best friend. Solitary, in a crumbling house which he shares with rats, he is buffeted by a whirlwind of mental activity. People are rumouring that his mind had collapsed. But is it true? Locked for days in the custody of his rambling memories, Herzog scrawls...
Dostępność: pozycja niedostępna (ostatnio dostępna: 17.12.2020 13:16)
Seize the Day
wydawnictwo: Penguin Books, rok wydania: 2019, oprawa: miękka
Fading charmer Tommy Wilhelm has reached his day of reckoning and is scared. In his forties, he still retains a boyish impetuousness that has brought him to the brink of chaos: he is separated from his wife and children, at odds with his vain, successful father, failed in his acting career (a Hollywood agent once placed hi...
Dostępność: pozycja niedostępna (ostatnio dostępna: 16.01.2020 17:23)
Leaving the Yellow House
wydawnictwo: Penguin Books, rok wydania: 2018, oprawa: miękka
She had lived by delays; she had meant to stop drinking; she had put off the time, and now she had smashed her car. At once harsh and tender, expansive and acutely funny, this is the story of an elderly and self-destructive dipsomaniac in a Western desert town, who finds herself faced with a final, impossible choice. Pengu...
Dostępność: pozycja niedostępna (ostatnio dostępna: 26.10.2020 12:16)
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